Altar Society

Mission Statement:

To look after the cleaning of the church, altar, sacristy, and all that pertains to the requirements for the Holy Sacrifice of the mass (In conjunction with other Sacred Heart Groups); while uniting society members in a spiritual bond. 

Every first Thursday of the month at 7:00 P.M. in the Msgr. Delaney Building

Friends of Fatima

Friends of Fatima is a group of women who wish to serve the Lord through prayer, good works, and charitable donations. 

"Say the rosary every day, to bring peace to the world"

-Our Lady of Fatima

Knights of Columbus

The Knights of Columbus is an international, Catholic, Family, Fraternal, Service organization.  Created by Fr. Michael J. McGivney in 1882.  

His purpose for this organization was, and is to defeat bigotry, to encourage men to remain faithful to the Church, and to support the widow and children of brother knights.
Brothers interested in joining please contact the church office, they will direct you to a knight who will answer any questions you may have.

Legion of Mary

“I am all Thine, My Queen and My Mother, and all that  I have is Thine.”

The Legion of Mary is the largest apostolic organization of lay people in the Catholic Church, with well over 3 million active members in almost every country of the world. It has been active in the United States since 1931, has been approved by the last 6 Popes, and was endorsed by the Second Vatican Council.

The main purpose of the Legion of Mary is to give glory to God through the sanctification of its members.

Please contact the church office for a contact person for the Legion of Mary.

Prayer Group (Spanish)

Grupo De Oración
Únase con nosotros en oración, adoración y alabanza. Ven y siente la presencia y la paz del Señor. Todos los Miercoles a las 7:00 p.m. en el salón. Comunicarse con la oficina de la iglesia para más información. 

Prayer Group
Join us in prayer, worship and singing. Come and feel the presence and the peace of the Lord. Every Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. at the church hall. Contact the church office for more information.

Youth Group

The goal of youth group is for the Catholic community to respond to the needs of young people and to involve young people in sharing their unique gifts with the larger community. The group expresses the Church's focus for ministry with adolescents, while encouraging local creativity in developing the programs, activities, and strategies to gain closeness to Christ.

Youth Group meets every Monday from 6:30-8:00.